Just another soon-to-be law student semi-haphazardly navigating the world. Part Southern boy and all torso height, I dabble too much, dance too little, and do my darndest to defeat douchbaggery. Also alliterative. And I’m always on the lookout for a partner in crime.

As my avatar suggests, beer and eggs are among the world’s best things. Bacon, too.


11 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Alexandr said

    I’m an INFJ too and I wanted to know what particularly excites you about being a lawyer?
    right now I’m going trough a stage of confusion. I simply don’t know who I want to be. Right now I’m in college and taking Pre-Law, but everyone in a while I start to second guess my self and now I don’t feel passion for anything.
    I though I will be good in law just as other INFJ, but now I’m not sure if that job will satisfy me.
    I also noticed that many INFJ’s are counselors or psychologists and I think its something that should satisfy me.
    So, what in Law that you think should satisfy you?

  2. Kelly said

    There is an interesting Facebook group for INFJ’s…lots of good discussion on career choices and passions. It’s called INFJ Global. Hope it helps.

    BLOGGER: Thank you for this blog and your post, ‘Tall Order’…awesome!

    Kelly Madden

  3. Autumn said

    I’m an INFJ, but bordering INFP really. I googled compatibility with INFJ and it honestly made me feel like crap. There was nothing positive about me on there. I was aggrevated because I know there are plenty of positive traits that could be listed, but the site just sucked. I’m glad you have some positive things to say. Thanks!

  4. Allie said

    I mean this with all sincerity, but is it possible that you’re my soul mate? Now, aside from the creepy-esque vibe I probably just gave off, I would love to get to know how you think and feel and view things, because you are seemingly so similar to myself. It’s almost eery how similar actually, although I should be that surprised seeing as how I’m an INFJ myself. If you’d like to contact me, you can either via MySpace, or you can check out my INFJ videos at youtube, search for ‘missalyzandra’. Thank you for these wonderful blogs and the insight. I really hope we can get in touch.


  5. Hey,
    I am also 6″6 and have been researching my alleged INFJ’ness…. it seems pretty conclusive 🙂
    Wanted to know why you stopped blogging in 2008? Just over it, or what?
    I’m working on a MSSc in Environmental Law, enjoy photography, really enjoyed working summer camp in the USA over two year, and was stubborn enough to delay Tertiary Education until i was 21. Adventure, order, thrill and peace.

    I was trying to diagnose myself with Aspergers (which was too left brained) and then found articles confirming right-brained Aspergers – but then someone suggested that my intense inward dilemas are less brain and more personality oriented. High IQ, Highly creative, highly organised…. and been looking for “someone like me” for so long…. that the fact that only 1% of the population is INFJ depressess me (along with quite a few things!).

    I hope some people still read this blog.
    chat later

  6. Anonymous said

    I’m sorry to sound so self-indulgent. I have only just discovered this personality information and it’s like a light bulb has been turned on. Questions abound…
    First: Is this why childhood was so rough? Good family, none of whom liked me. What’s up with that?
    I remember my mother once chiding my 3 siblings (who were ganging up on me at the time) “Don’t you know she’d do anything for you if you would only be nice to her!” She herself, unfortunately, was unable to follow her own advice. Input?

  7. Hey, it may be that you were the most considerate and together of the childre. Maybe your mum’s neglect was actually her allowing you free reign because she knew you’d be ok, unlike the others. Not really fair though. Every kid needs hugs and cuddles. Just because you seem to have your room and the world under control by age 5 doesn’t disqualify you from much desired parental interaction.

    • Anonymous said

      Thank you. I don’t know if I would claim to have been “considerate or together”. Mostly wildly defiant. But you’re right. Some hugs and cuddles might have been nice. ( – :

  8. Jo said

    As an INFJ law student, I got here by googling “INFJ lawyer” while procrastinating on my brief to try out for moot court.

    I know your blog has been inactive for some time, but I was wondering how the law field has been going for you as an INFJ. What kind of law did you end up going into? How do you like it?

  9. katie said

    I’m an infj law student too who found this by googling infj lawyer while procrastinating outlining environmental law…
    I was googling infj lawyer/infj careers because I constantly feel like I should be doing something else (ie. getting my masters in political science and teaching) and I’m horrified law school has been wasted on me…

    I want to know how being a lawyer has turned out for you too?? Are you happy?

  10. Dawn said

    This is fabulous! I’m in the Atlanta area and just did a search for local INFJs and came up pretty empty handed in terms of meetups or anything of the like. Thank you so so much for sharing! Just tiring of seeking like minded people who just get me without all the exhausting explanations. Couldn’t agree more – S is simply awful for me though I’ve found myself in relation with some and have had to back away. The few INFJs I’ve come across in real life are such a breath of fresh air… needing more of that in my life.

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