… but someone’s gotta do it

January 27, 2008

While that someone does what he’s gotta do, he might as well have fun. And oftentimes, it begins with poking fun at himself.

My first day back at work (only two days after the accident), my secretary came into my office, saw me with a cast on, and just started laughing. I don’t blame her in the slightest. I started chuckling, too, doing my very best then and thereafter to project a sense of good humor to others. I’d be the first to agree that this whole breaking-my-foot thing is pretty absurd, and in a funny sort of way.

Despite being ushered in by a temporarily debilitating injury, January has been my most productive and social month in recent memory. Crazy, right? Seems logical that walking on crutches would make my daily routine more sedentary, but no; gimp leg notwithstanding, I’ve enjoyed many a night and weekend out these last four weeks. As the swelling subsided, so did any sense of frustration and self-pity. Thank the Lord on high it only took a few days. The very week my foot broke, I ventured out every single night.

I have the people in my life to thank. No question. Family members, good friends, co-workers, and even perfect strangers have all gone out of their way to make things just a little easier for me. Guess I should thank the strangers, too. Acts of kindness have been as numerous as they have been affirming, from Lizz driving me to and from work every Friday to an elderly gentleman pausing a few moments to hold a door open. These kindly door-holders haven’t been limited to old men – they span gender, generational, and racial lines (much like Obama’s coalition! Hey-oh!). I can hardly hobble anywhere without someone lending a helping hand. Of all the things that have made the hardships and inconveniences of crippled life bearable – enjoyable, even – good company takes the gold, with mobility devices and entertainment options finishing far behind.

To all of you, thanks for being so accommodating. Especially given that my injury resulted from my stupidity alone, I owe y’all.


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