2007 broke my foot on its way out

January 1, 2008

2007 didn’t hold a candle to 2006. Sure, this last year hosted many a good moment – getting into law school, connecting with new people, good visits with family, adventures across states and seas. When it came to day to day life, though, it was a placeholder at best and a real downer at worst. I’m glad to be rid of it. But before 2007’s shackles were successfully thrown off, that crafty little year got one last little bit of revenge.

Last night’s New Year’s Eve festivities were a rockin’ good time. After our usual toast of hop-packed beer, my friend Mat and I donned our Duran Duraningest attire and spent most of the night at an 80s-themed house party. Cheesy electronica music? Check. Ring Pops that turn your mouth blue? Check. Sporting a tuxedo shirt over a neon undershirt with the ubiquitous green tie around my head? That’s a big check. After watching the ball drop and spending a few extra hours perfecting our Axel F groovings, we met up with some of Mat’s grad school friends for drinks at a bar near Cleveland Park. Shortly thereafter, we went back to Mat’s place in Georgetown and enjoyed some wine (which I think he had just gotten for free at a VA vineyard) before conking out around 3.

It seems I can’t go two months without spraining something these days. Sometime between electric sliding and moonwalking, my foot twisted oddly and became progressively more painful as the night wore on. Of course, my recollection of when/how it happened was made particularly fuzzy by copious amounts of wine, champagne, and spiked punch, which had a similar effect on my memory of, well, pretty much the whole evening. Leaving the 80s party a little after 1:30, I was limping slightly but could still bear full weight on my right foot. By the time we reached Mat’s apartment after 3:00, though, the pain had gone from annoying to crippling. So much so that it would intermittently wake me up. The pain reached an apex this morning as I rolled off Mat’s couch, hobbled to my car, and drove home with a wincing expression that never left my face.

First a sprained shoulder, and now a potentially broken foot. Blimey, ’07 just had to get in one last punch. The last hospital-worthy injury I had sustained prior to 2007 was a hairline break of one of my armbones playing football when I was 14. I wonder if these frequent ER visits of mine will earn me a preferred patient punchcard… you know, one that makes my third visit copay-free.

So long 2007, and thanks for all the fractures. I’m sure I’ll be more forward looking once the pain subsides. Oh, and be sure to check out Dave Barry’s recap of the past year. Brilliant stuff.

UPDATE: Good news: it’s not sprained. Bad news: it’s broken. I got the full cast-and-crutches treatment. Looks like I’ll be hobbling around for the next couple of weeks…


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