Law school admissions – lolcat style

December 14, 2007

For law school candidates, there are few time-wasters and angst-feeders that compare to Law School Numbers, Law School Discussion, and Top Law Schools. All are places where aspiring law students gather to check each other’s stats (LSAT/GPA), review each other’s chances, exchange admissions tips, and provide congratulations/consoling at various stages of the process. I was a frequent troller over the summer and fall as I prepared my apps, particularly on the subjects of “splitters” (high LSAT / comparatively low GPA), addenda, and residency and in-state boosts. I had already created an LSN account in hopes that whatever success I saw this past admissions cycle would give hope to future applicants in a similar boat. This thread in particular (titled “ED @ UVA”) finally prompted me to truly emerge from anonymity, start posting, and thus join dozens of others nervously awaiting Virginia’s early decision letters. The chance to mingle with potential future classmates was impossible to pass up.

But even after being accepted to my first choice school and thus being done with the whole admissions shindig, I still find myself visiting these pages with an unhealthy frequency. I chalk it up to being uber-eager to begin the whole law school experience – I spend a lot of time looking at threads on 1L experiences, finding employment, study tips, and the like. Still, I do visit admissions pages on occasion to get a sense of the major trends among the top schools… and also to find little gems like this thread which features lolcats personifying different elements of the admissions experience. Part of me doesn’t quite get the lolcat hoopla, but some of them are pretty damn funny. Here are some of my personal favorites, each coupled with little insights into this mysterious maze we call law school admissions:

Snooping around LSAC

Every law school applicant creates an LSAC account, which contains detailed information on your LSAT performance, undergrad and graduate transcripts, and even applications.

Rejected by Harvard

Don’t sweat it, pooch. It happens to lots of guys. Even girls.

Hurry up, mailman!

For law school applicants, the days between a school’s online status checker notifying you that “a decision has been made” and actually receiving that decision in the mail will be some of the most painful of his life.

Soft factors?

For better or worse, to a far greater extent than business or medical school, law school remains primarily a numbers-driven process and will until the U.S. News rankings get knocked from their pedestal. So if neither your GPA nor LSAT impressess an admissions committee, your years in the Peace Corps, leadership roles in fifteen student orgs, ability to play the piano, bassoon, and didgeridoo simultaneously while blindfolded, pioneering cancer research, and fluency in six languages (two of them dead) will mean, unfortunately, diddly squat.

Duke sucks

Several weeks ago, hackers broke into Duke Law’s applicant database and accessed files containing the usernames, passwords, and social security numbers of every current applicant to the school. Suffice to say, candidates weren’t too happy that their personal info had been compromised, and despite its repeated apologies, the snafu has made Duke a minor laughing stock among this year’s applicant pool.


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