Update on the bike stumble

November 1, 2007

Went to the emergency room to get the shoulder checked out. Nothing broken! Yay! The doctor said that it’s probably just a sprain – a few ligaments getting stretched or torn when my shoulder hit the floor. I’m wearing a sling for the next few days and will be sure to keep plenty of ice packs handy, but since the sprain is moderate, my shoulder should heal quickly.

A byproduct of working in a law firm is having several attorneys mention that I should report the accident to our administrative director since it may have taken place on company property. Whether the garage is considered “company property” and whether I was still “commuting” at the time as opposed to “working” are interesting issues, but really now, this is one aspiring litigator who, in his personal life, isn’t a particularly litigious person. This next statement would be the ultimate party-opponent admission should this little spill of mine ever become a subject in court (heaven forbid), but I have no intention of suing anyone: the building owner, my law firm, anybody. The pavement was smooth and slick – I knew this based on the dozens of times I had ridden on it. I was going too fast, turned too sharply, and busted my ass as a result of my own asshattedness. Some people might salivate at the prospect of using an accident like this to shake down a company… those folks are no friends of mine. Take some freakin’ responsibility. That’s what I’m doing. In the meantime, at least I can give people a good chuckle when they ask how my arm ended up in a sling.


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