Family Guy – still got it

September 23, 2007

I just finished watching the Family Guy Star Wars special:

That I enjoy Family Guy is no secret among my good friends, most of whom have rolled their eyes at my repeated references to “Peter, I’m holdin’ iced tea!” (props/apologies if you get the joke). But this episode was, in just about every respect, special, and reminded me that despite the occasional-hit-but-mostly-miss episodes of the post-revival seasons, the series is still capable of tickling the funny bone like nothing else. Well, my funny bone anyway. If you have ever liked Family Guy, and certainly if you’re a Star Wars fan, this one’s worth checking out.

Among the most gut-busting moments:

– Peter and Chris’ argument at the end about the Robot Chicken Star Wars episode that premiered earlier this summer (also worth checking out). Absolutely hilarious, and also a nice tongue-in-cheek plug for Seth Green’s vastly underappreciated Cartoon Network show.

– Peter’s singing the theme music for the TIE-fighter shooting scene and closing credits… if you can call it singing when he belts out “Nyah nyah nyah nyaaaah… nyaaah… nyah nyah nyah nyaaaaaah nyahh…”

– A faux-voicing of Sean Connery as our favorite renegade Russian nuclear sub skipper.

– Bruce the Performance Artist as Greedo. Han Solo does shoot first, by the way.

– “Now it wants me to download RealPlayer 7.”

– Several spot-on references to “Airplane.”


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