September Vacation, part III (looking back)

September 16, 2007

I promise to do my best not to get too emo with any particular entry. There are times, though, when hindsight gives me a lot to say, and I tend to think best when I think aloud. Nothing too heavy, but I do expect a slap upside the head should I slip into wallowing.

The past few months, while really fun at points, have been largely hollow. Changes in my life tend to happen in bursts, and this summer was no exception: my workload spiked, my relationship ended, and many of my friends moved away. Especially after being busy and isolated (occupied and preoccupied is a good way to put it), catching up with folks across the coasts was a breath of fresh air. Living just isn’t much fun without good people to enjoy it with. Certainly, this week has given me a lot to think about – life, love, the whole nine yards. I don’t want to count how many hours I spent in planes, trains, and automobiles, but the alone time did give me plenty of space to declutter my mind a little.

Returning to work tomorrow, my overtime hours will probably resemble their pre-break levels i.e. somewhere between staggering and gargantuan. As hectic and sometimes just plain crazy as this vacation was, I’m much the better for it… and maybe even a little energized going into this week.

One thing’s for certain: no matter how busy or exhausted I get, resting up at home all the time is a bad idea. Very, very bad idea. I need to venture out and enjoy myself, dammit! It could take some light prodding every now and then, or even the occasional drag-the-tall-guy-by-his-ankles routine. I’m tired (figuratively and literally) of being such a recluse. What better time to change it than when it actually needs to be changed? So here’s to the start of fall, and hoping it’s a good one.


2 Responses to “September Vacation, part III (looking back)”

  1. Durf said

    hi wellsy! thanks for driving the car out and i’m glad you enjoyed cali, come back soon!

  2. Anne said

    I’d volunteer for ankle-dragging duty if I was anywhere near you. Since I’m not, though, I’ll just say that when you decide to do something, you’re unstoppable. Therefore, if you’ve decided you’re tired of being a recluse, I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll change whatever you need to.

    However, if you find yourself wanting to be a recluse in Arkansas anytime before January, I’d let you borrow my cats…

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