Howdy, Internet!

September 14, 2007

This is my first journal ever. Really! Until now, the closest thing I’d had to one was a set of a few days’ scribblings pondering my religiosity while waxing poetic about a girl I liked (written, not surprisingly, in junior high). I’d drafted plenty of science fair project logs, but those may not count since each was painstakingly prepared the night before the due date. They were some quality forgeries, too! Subtlely varying handwriting between entries, switching pens every now and again, and even hand-crinkling the page corners to give them that “I really have been writing in this thing every day like I’m supposed to” look. I had it down to, well, a science. So, here’s my first geniune effort to speak my mind, and not just to me, myself, and I, either.

I had never felt a particular need to keep a journal. Any life issue, big or small, simple or labyrinthine, I would just sort out in conversation or in my head. The looniness of the past week, though, has made me wonder whether journaling would change the way I experience life or perceive the world. I thought to myself: Would writing reflectively change my reflections? And what about my life would be worth putting to paper? As much as being me can be excruciatingly dull sometimes, I like to think there are plenty of unwritten stories out there for me to share. Besides, online journaling seems as good a way as any to keep friends abreast of the goings-on in the Wells corner of the world. I’ll do my best to deliver an interesting, entertaining read – for y’alls benefit and for my own.

So, great Internets, a hi, a howdy, and a hidely ho to you. Should be a fun ride.


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